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Precise Food Ingredients was founded in 1997 with the mission to continually
exceed customer requirements through unparalleled quality, speed in service, and
ease in doing business.

Industrial Food Manufacturer Applications
   Ground/Formed/Extruded/Cased and Whole Muscle Cooked Meats
   Soups, Sauces, Gravies
   Flour Based Mixes


Foodservice Restaurateurs
   Daily Back-of-House Kitchen Preparations

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At Precise Food Ingredients, our Product Development staff truly becomes an extension of your business through collaborative support in the creation of
custom-designed seasoning blends that take into account.

Sensorial Targets:
   Flavor Profile, Appearance, Mouthfeel


Application and Functionality Parameters:
   Plant Processing, Yield, Stability/Shelf Life/Microbiological, End User Requirements

Dietary Restrictions:
   Allergen Sensitivities, Sodium Content, Natural/Kosher/Halal


   Cost in Use, Ingredient Availability

Results being to provide first/on-target, customer preferred flavoring systems,
to help grow your business, all with confidence.


Precise Food Ingredients Manufactures Industrial and Food Service end use dry
blends custom packaged from 2,000 lb totes to 2 oz portion-controlled bags for
pre-measured weight, cut-and-dump, batch production.

   98,000 sq ft Climate Controlled Building
   45 Full Time Employees, Single Shift Operation
   5 Ribbon Blenders of Varying Capacity
   3 High Speed Packaging Lines
   2 Contemar Silos Supportive of Flour Based Opportunities


Customer Service:
   Products are typically manufactured on a Make-to-Order Basis
   Standard Lead Time is 10 Working Days to Ship

Results being to accommodate large and small scale orders, to offer flexibility in scheduling, to meet every delivery date requirement, all with a Can Do attitude.



Quality at Precise Food Ingredients encompasses a dedicated focus on the complete Supply Chain of activities from ingredient source to customer application.

Supplier Partnerships:
   Ensure Supply, Consistency, Cost Management, and Continuous Improvement


Food Safety and Process Control:
   Inbound Raw Material Delivery, Documentation, and Product Inspection
   Documented SOP, HACCP, GMP, Allergen/Environmental/Sanitation/Pest Control
   Finished Product Analytical and Sensory Evaluation and Validation
   Vendor Assurance Program Compliance and Reporting
   Third Party, Customer, and Self Auditing


  Timely, Cost Effective Outbound Delivery, Documentation

Results being to provide safe, quality products within regulatory guidelines while developing key vendor partnerships to ensure success.

Etailing Precise Ingredents





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